Lifewtr: Bring Art Back to Schools

Client: Lifewtr
Date: Mar 2018
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80% of school districts have reported cuts to art programs since 2008. As budgets shrink and creativity scores become less of a priority, arts education has taken a significant hit and is increasingly disappearing from our schools.

This realization is what inspired Lifewtr – a brand that champions creativity with its rotating bottle designs – to announce a commitment to putting art back in hands of one million students nationwide over the next year.

Unveiled on Arts Advocacy Day, the new #BringArtBackToSchools campaign aims to raise awareness towards the importance of arts education and champion the cause with a curated curriculum and the distribution of art supplies through the brand’s partnership with Scholastic.

At the center is a film which showcases just how important it is to keep art education programs alive in schools.

Lifewtr is encouraging people to share stories about how art has positively impacted themselves or someone they know, their zip code and #BringArtBackToSchools @Lifewtr on Twitter. The brand will be donating art kits to classrooms across the country in response.



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