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Almost no one knows what happens to puppies before some of them get to the pet shop window or kennel.

Often, a puppy can go through a great deal of suffering. The little animals are subjected to ill-treatment, harsh conditions that lead to disease, mental disorders - and many of them are even put to sleep or abandoned in the street.

Millions of dogs are sold in this scheme every year in Brazil and throughout the world. In Sao Paulo alone, more than 500,000 from illegal breeding. There are 280 thousand dogs, male and female, kept in captivity for breeding. Every year, more than 3 million are euthanized worldwide.

It might be that not all kennels and pet shops adopt these practices. But, unfortunately, there are many who do, and you cannot know the precise origin of the animals, or be knowledgeable in the process of breeding and the care that is given to animals.

In a Broadway show style, the film shows what happens in the puppymills, hidden places where purebred puppies are created in series in order to be sold. Film starts with a little girl and her mother in front of a petshop. The girl wants to take the puppy home. Then, when music starts, the little dog starts singing and revealing all the cruelty they suffer. In the end tagline reads: It ain’t cute buying a purebred puppy. Adopt an abandoned dog.


CCO/Diretor Geral de Criação: Marcelo Reis

Executive Creative Director: Alessandro Bernardo

Creative Directors: Alexandre Pagano, João Caetano Brasil

Art Director: André Kirkelis

Copywriter: Romero Cavalcanti

Agency Producers: Celso Groba, Maria Fernanda Moura, Dudi Ciampolini Bourroul

Art-Buyer: Mauro Moura

Account Team: Fábio Brito, Isabel Coletta, Mariana Marchi, Luisa Prado

Media Team: Fernando Sales, Leandro Fujita, Andressa Meca

Plannner: Tiago Lara

Digital Project Team: Denis Gustavo, Pedro Rais

Production Company: Spray filmes

Director: Judith Belfer

Director of Photography: Gabriel Kalim Mucci

Art Director of Film: Fernando Cacerez

Effects: Eduardo Cordeiro

Production Account Team: Roberta Reigado, Lucia leite, Daniele Pizzo

Editing: Caio Saad, André Kirkelis

Audio Production Company: Antfood

Audio Producers: Pedro Botsaris / Lou Schmidt / Wilson Brown/ Amanda Wahlström Plantin

Audio Production Account Team: Lou Schmidt / Sean McGovern

Photographer: Thomas Susemihl

Digital Production Company: Um

Client Approval: Carlos Rosolen