Procter & Gamble: #2011Dobara by Leo Burnett

Date: Jun 2019
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Ariel, India’s premium detergent brand, has recently launched a campaign to leverage India’s biggest sporting event - the Cricket World Cup 2019.

The campaign beautifully brings together the brand’s purpose and the efficacy of the product in a story that every Indian cricket fan will relate to. The idea stemmed from the thought that Indians are a passionate and superstitious lot. We all have our lucky charms and rituals we follow when we really want something in life. This is the same even for cricket.

Having won the 2011 World Cup, Ariel decided to elevate the role of the India jersey to that lucky charm which can help bring back the victory that India saw in the 2011. Hence the idea - #2011Dobara.


Leo Burnett South India

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