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Client: McDonalds
Date: Nov 2019
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'Archie the Reindeer' is the star of McDonald's 2019 Christmas ad - a heartwarming tale of a young girl called Ellie and her imaginary friend.

The animation opens with Ellie banging on the door of her sister Jenny's bedroom, begging her sister to play a game of 'reindeers.'

Uninterested in playing kiddy games with her younger sister, Jenny slams the door on her. Dejected by her sister's rejection, the Ellie runs out to the garden, where she meets Archie, an animated mini-reindeer.

Soon they form a close bond, doing everything together as they prepare for Christmas. She is seen feeding Archie from a plate of carrots with a sign that reads 'don't touch' and a bag of McDonald's 'Reindeer treats.'

As they sit in the kitchen, Ellie calls out to her dad that she needs more reindeer treats. Just as they get dressed to go, Jenny finds a picture that Ellie has drawn of the sisters playing reindeer together.

She decides to join, and the whole family set off to McDonald’s to buy more. When the dad gives Ellie more reindeer treats, she says "what about Archie" and the animation dissolves into real-life.

The viewer then discovers that Archie is, in fact, Ellie’s dog dressed up in a tutu and reindeer antlers - who the little girl had been playing a game of reindeers with.


Leo Burnett

Chief Creative Officer: Chaka Sobhani

Creative Director: Pete Heyes

Creatives: Gareth Butters

Board Account Director: Bethany Watts

Account Director: Jessica Lyons

Senior Account Manager: Robert Ellen

Account Manager: Laura Taylor

Account Executive: Gabriella Kaas

Account Executive: Sophie Hedgley

Head of Planning: Max Keane

Senior Planner: Adriana Ferran

Planner: Linnea Berglund

Project Director: Emily Green

Head of TV Production: Graeme Light

McDonald’s Brand Team

Marketing Director for Brand Experience and Media: Ben Fox

Marketing Manager: Hannah Pain

Campaign Assistant: John McClure

Campaign Assistant: Joe Light


Head of Marketing, Food & Beverages: Michelle Graham-Clarke

Marketing Manager: Tom O’Neill

Senior Brand Manager: Jodie White

Campaign Assistant: Kamelya Ozten


McDonald’s Head of Campaigns: Louise Page

PR Agency: Red Consultancy – Sophie Kinsella – Account Director

Social Team

Social Media Editor In Chief: William Bonaddio

Social Media Manager: Ashleigh-Jayne O’Connell


Associate Director: Laurence Ruthven

Client Leadership: Grant Beckley

Production Company Animation – Passion Animation Studio

Director: Againstallodds

Executive Producer: Debbie Cross

Head of Production: Mike Turoff

Producer: Sibylle Preuss

Production Assistants: Paige Sullivan, Honor Martin

Production Company Live Action - Outsider

Framestore Producer: Sian Jenkins

Director: James Rouse

Producer: Benji Howell


Writer and illustrator: Alex Latimer

Music Company: SIREN

Music Producer: Sean Craigie-Atherton

Composer: Alex Baranowski