Gaza Border Beer by Leo Burnett Israel

Date: Jan 2019
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A new measure devised by Gazans to keep the Israel-Palestine conflict center stage that was causing national outrage as nature and wildlife were being decimated and turned to ashes.

A phenomenon that put farmers of Israel’s border towns and kibbutzim squarely on the frontline as the fires ravaged their crops and wiped out their livelihood - in the process also turning to ash the very wheat Alexander depended on to make beer.

That’s why, betting on Israelis’ solidary nature (well yeah when you go to the army and your life depends on the guy standing next to you – you’ll go to any extent to have his back ), the brewery offered Israelis a way to help their brothers: Buy Alexander Gaza Border Beer and all proceeds of the beer would go to replanting farmers’ fields.

The brewery began by issuing an initial batch of 200.000 bottles which were made available at supermarkets, bars, restaurants and online with free ‘next-day-delivery’ anywhere in the country.

It launched the initiative with a heartbreaking commercial where Gaza border farmers spoke about the pain and despair they felt, as they witnessed the fruit of their hard labor go up in smoke.

The commercial ended with a call to buy the beer in solidarity.

Israelis, a solidary bunch by nature, responded immediately and bought up the entire supply of limited edition beer in just five days.

Alexander Gaza Border Beer became a trending topic on Google.

The press raved and morning shows, evening news broadcasts, the daily press –all covered our limited edition launch.

Sales wise, Alexander sold more beer in one week than it sold in the past 6 months.

In fact, Israelis’ demand for the beer was so fierce Alexander had no choice but to make more, so that what started as a limited edition beer is still being sold today.

So far Alexander has given back over $60,000 to farmers…and that’s just the beginning.

The little brewery has gone from a little unknown local boutique beer brand, to the beer that’s on everyone’s lips (literally and figuratively) – with its sales growth rate outpacing those of the competing big international beer brands. ‘Alexander Gaza Border Beer’ turned out to be an initiative that guaranteed the beer brand would from now on own a very emotional place in Israeli consumers’ minds and shopping carts.


Agency Credits: Leo Burnett Israel

Client: Alexander Beer

CEO: Adam Polachek

CCO: Ami Alush

Chief Strategy Officer: Shai Nissenboim

Creative Director: Elad Gaizler

Art Director: Olga Vorobieva

Client Services VP: Idit Zuckerman

Account Supervisor: Ziv Abuhazira

Account Executive: Ilanit Tschelak

Strategic Planner: Liz Stull

Media Planner: Zila Knafo

Agency Producer: Menny Zarhia

Traffic: Maya Varochik

Marcom: Eva Hasson

Production Company: Omri Paz

Photographer: Menachem Reiss

PR Company: Karvat & Weiss