Allstate Foundation: Purple Purse: Lost Purse by Leo Burnett

Date: Jun 2017
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Allstate has released a harrowing film that aims to shine a light on the often unseen aspects of financial abuse that can end up leaving women trapped in abusive relationships.

The PSA is for Allstate’s Purple Purse foundation, which for the past 12 years has been been working to help domestic violence survivors regain their financial footing.

The insurance company’s latest campaign aims to raise awareness of the issue via a “social experiment-based short film” called Lost Purse. In the ad, which was created by Leo Burnett and MSL Group, a hidden camera captures the reactions of Lyft passengers who’ve found a purse in the backseat of the car. When each of them opens the purse to try and find out whose it might be, they find a cell phone that’s filled with text messages that say things like “you’re too stupid to manage money” and “I canceled your card, good luck paying for a lawyer when you have no money.”

The spot ends with the message, “If you knew someone needed help, what would you do? Get involved” before directing viewers to Purple Purse’s site.


Agencies: Leo Burnett and MSL Group

Client: Allstate Purple Purse Foundation

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