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Old Spice and Mountain Dew: Cold as Balls Season Two by Laugh Out Loud & OBB Pictures

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Cold As Balls is back and ready to go deeper than ever with a brand new all-star roster of guests set to take the plunge. After taking the internet by storm in season one, the world’s top comedian Kevin Hart returns to the ice bath for another round of in-depth, hilarious interviews. This season, Hart welcomes six of the most headline-making figures in sports to the show: Lamar Odom, Odell Beckham Jr., Johnny Manziel, Skip Bayless, Isaiah Thomas and Metta World Peace.

Launched in February 2018, season one quickly became the most watched series on the Laugh Out Loud network and an instant breakout success across the internet, earning over 10 million views with its debut episode and over 80 million views across the entire six-episode season.