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Many people are wrangled into uncomfortable, chaotic and dysfunctional family dinners on Thanksgiving. For those who want to tap out, Las Vegas has a set of useful excuses.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has come up with a Thanksgiving Excuse Generator to help those who need an escape from awkward and uncomfortable family gatherings. The generator creates humorous excuses that the site claims to be ‘family-accepted’. Just click , get your excuse, inform you’re family and jet off to Las Vegas.

To help remind you that Thanksgiving isn’t all family harmony and fun, the generator accompanies two new regional ads. ‘Grandma’ shows a family gathered around a Thanksgiving table as grandma rails against her granddaughter’s boyfriend. ‘Chaos’ takes place in the kitchen, where a burned turkey turns into broken dishes, spilled gravy and lots of yelling. The spots highlight why a stress-free, ‘untraditional’ holiday in Vegas is the best bet