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Client: Cadillac
Date: Nov 2018
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Comedians John Mulaney and Nick Kroll created hilarity with the characters they created for their Broadway show, Oh, Hello. Now, the curmudgeonly characters are back, leading Awkwafina on their own tour of New York in a Cadillac XT4.

In the three-minute video, 'Now That's a Cardiac,' Gil Faizon (Kroll) and George St. Geegland (Mulaney), meet up with vlogger Val (Awkwafina) in their Upper West Side neighborhood for the tour, and right away, the pair starts in by saying that the Cadillac SUV is “not a Cadillac…Cadillacs are long and low, like dachshunds.” From there, things get even more silly, after the pair promises to show Val the “real New York.”

First, they play backseat drivers, telling Val how to do illegal U-turns to navigate the city. Then, they misguidedly mistake the car for a podcast and show a lack of technical knowledge. Awkwafina plays a great straight person to the hilarity going on in the back seat of the Cadillac. One great line by Kroll is, “Sometimes we’ll go to Central Park and we’ll just watch hours of corporate softball.”

After leading Val around, complaining about everything that has changed in New York, they end up having seen almost nothing of note and land back at their home. As they watch the neighborhood drive by as they sun themselves on the front stoop, supermodel Danielle Herrington drives up in another Cadillac SUV to say hello to the pair in a brief cameo.


Executive Producer: Joseph Assad

Director: Bill Benz & Blake Behnam

Agency: Kovert Creative

Production Company: Sawhorse Productions

Producer: Brett Blake & Eben Kostbar

DP: Nate Hutchins

Editor: Christopher Otwell