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Client: KFC
Date: Feb 2019
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KFC India brings you ‘Bucket Bae’ – your one true love that follows you unconditionally and shares your love for finger lickin’ good chicken. Bae also talks chicken to you, plays your favourite music, holds your cup of Krushers and the best part - keeps your favourite KFC chicken close to you. You can see the love in its eyes as it watches you dig into that crispy chicken piece, well literally, as it blinks its adorable heart-shaped eyes.

You’ll instantly spot Bucket Bae in a crowd; it has an extremely minimal sense of style, and a distinctive wit, tastefulness, and public display of (audio) affection. With eyes only for you, Bae doles out responses ranging from incredibly adorable to almost filmy love.

Interact with KFC Bucket Bae through KFC’s social media channels; you can also catch interesting updates by Bae on its Insta profile. On February 14, Bucket Bae will mingle with fans across select cities in India, with cute messages, witty flirting, and even some PDA.


KFC India