Client: Ikea
Date: Apr 2018
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The ongoing 'Where Life Happens' by Åkestam Holst highlights the more mundane, and often uncomfortable, points in real life. Instead of showing shiny, happy people, the Swedish company instead shows how people cope in tough situations.

In 'Every Other Week' a divorced dad tries to make life more comfortable for his son by decorating his room to look exactly like his room at his mother's house. In 'Enough' an overworked mother comes home to a messy house full of teens and goes outside because she is too sad and tired to deal with it - though the teens see her frustration and help to clean up. In 'Coming Home' an adopting mother brings home her new child from Asia.

Another print ad in the series offers discounts for expectant mothers and even has a home pregnancy test on the paper the ad is printed on.

In a humorous twist to the campaign, several pre-roll ads try to bore people into skipping the ads, which feature a couple kissing on a couch, one of a teen doing dishes and another of a boring arm wrestling match.

The series isn't a hard sell for Ikea products. Instead, it shows and mentions a few of the items in the ads, focusing on the emotions and the people.


Agency: Åkestam Holst

Client: Ikea