Agency: JWT London
Client: Berocca
Date: Jun 2016
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No matter how ambitious and successful you are, there’s always someone younger snapping at your heels. And while they’re cheerfully toiling away on half your salary, you’re not only getting older and less attractive, according to Berocca, but are now also hampered by baby-related sleep loss and a long commute to suburbia. This campaign by JWT London aims to remind people that they need Berocca to ‘help them hold on to their competitive edge’.


Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey

Creative Directors: Paul Rizzello, Christiano Neves

Creatives: Bill Hartley, Giles Hepworth

Creative Producer: Steve Hedge

Global Business Director: Phil Lancaster

Business Director: Cris Butler

Board Account Director: Phil Ridsdale

Senior Account Manager: Alyona Yasnogorodsky

Planning Director: Ashmita von Habsburg

Planner: Lee Menzies-Pierson