Client: Expensify
Date: Jan 2019
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Expensify will premiere its first-ever commercial during America's big game with some of America's biggest stars.

The expense management platform will air a 30-second commercial during the second quarter of the Super Bowl on 3 February with Grammy award-winning rapper 2 Chainz and actor Adam Scott to put an "entertaining and elaborate twist" on the tedious task of filing expense reports. There is also a 60-second spot featuring Scott's character asking for receipts for all the items in an elaborate video. 2 Chainz instead says he uses Expensify.

During the Super Bowl spot, viewers can win a prize by snapping a photo of the receipt in the commercial and uploading it to the Expensify app.

The Super Bowl spot, developed by JohnXHannes New York, is part of Expensify's larger, multi-channel 'You Weren't Born To Do Expenses' campaign, which will run beyond next month's Grammy Awards. The campaign will include digital and film content; takeovers and digital banners; and out-of-home ads.

A promo spot is a four-minute long Expensify This music video.

Scott plays the head of finance for a record label who's excited for a dope music video, but says what's even "more dope" is saving your receipts.

2 Chainz falls asleep to the dull talk of expenses, until music swells and he reappears to rap about the glamorous lifestyle of proper money management.

Andreas Nillson of Biscuit Film Works directed the tongue-in-cheek music video. To watch it, click the creative works box below.


Agency: JohnXHannes New York

Client: Expensify