Client: SafeAuto
Date: Mar 2020
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Joan Creative is expanding SafeAuto’s 'Insurance for the Rest of Us' campaign, launched earlier this year, by doing just what the slogan promises: spreading the word about how the often overlooked everyday consumer can benefit from SafeAuto’s state minimum auto insurance.

The campaign, which started with major broadcast buys in January, now features new content across multiple channels, designed to reach a diverse group of consumers. From billboards enticing consumers to “Sign up for a month or forever,” to a 30 second video spot called “open relationships,” the new assets comically tap into consumers’ desire for flexibility and build upon the initial broadcast campaign.

In a send-up of the earnest talking head format, used by insurance and financial brands, SafeAuto’s campaign features a truly honest take, which often results in uncomfortable moments and 'TMI.' For example, in one of the new video spots, a young woman says she enjoys “experiencing new things, being spontaneous, going against the grain…[and]…open relationships” – to the sudden and visible shock of her partner accompanying her. “It’s a good thing SafeAuto understands my insurance needs are month-to-month so I can come and go as I please,” she says, as the heartfelt soaring strings, that typically accompany customer testimonials in this segment, play in the background.

In another video spot, called 'Odd Jobs,' an odd job enthusiast and former “balloon artist” and “dog masseuse” explains how SafeAuto’s low down payment offering supports consumers with unique working situations that may not know where their next payment is coming from.

Joan’s radio ads developed for SafeAuto play off of consumers’ enthusiasm for flexible auto insurance. In one spot – 'New Business Idea' – two overzealous men try to start a business just like SafeAuto only seconds after hearing how the company is disrupting the category. In another spot, a couple contemplates naming their child “SafeAuto.”

February’s new content also includes video spots in Spanish to better reach Hispanic audiences. One new video spot, entitled 'Queen of Coupons,' featuring an affectionate Spanish-speaking Hispanic couple, the wife says she plans to use her savings for her husband's cosmetic needs.

The newly launched OOH and digital assets complete Joan’s “Insurance for the Rest of Us” campaign launch as SafeAuto’s recently announced agency-of-record, helping to recruit even more new members into the SafeAuto tribe.


Agency: JOAN Creative

CEO: Lisa Clunie

CCO: Jaime Robinson

ECD: Dan Lucey

ACD: Bryce Hooton

Copywriter/Hispanic Market: Roberto Lastra

CSO: Magnus Blair

Managing Director: Sarah Collinson

Strategist: Hannah Lewman

Head Of Production: Daniel Marin

Executive Producer: Melissa Tifrere

Director Of Creative Services: Becca Patrick

Production Company: JOAN Studios

Director: Abigail Horton

Editorial: JOAN Studios

Editor: Craig Holzer & Bernardo Revilla

Sound: Sam Schaffer

Music: Duotone

Color: JOAN Studios

Colorist: Carlos Flores