Date: Apr 2022
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Australian beer brand James Squire, alongside creative agency partner Milk + Honey, has released an epic spot detailing the interesting life of its founder – narrated by Game of Thrones actor Rory McCann (aka The Hound).

‘Ordinary Be Damned’ tells the tale of James Squire who, after being transported as a criminal to Australia from Britain, seemed destined to lead an ordinary life. In the 90-second film, viewers hear how he ‘went to church, remembered his manners and respected the law’. While the brooding voiceover describes the undistinguished life of a common man of the time, the visuals on screen depict a very different story, highlighting many of Squire’s audacious adventures.

The spot culminates in a single dynamic camera move that takes viewers to an old brewery courtyard and into a banquet hall, where the charismatic chancer is seated at the head of the table. Closing with the line ‘James Squire was content just being an ordinary man’, the new ’Ordinary Be Damned’ brand line – and Squire’s unflinching gaze – say otherwise.