Client: HSBC
Date: Jan 2018
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HSBC has launched its strapline ‘Together We Thrive’ with an ad starring The IT Crowd’s Richard Ayoade, who – ahead of Britain’s departure from the European Union – revels in the influence that countries such as India, Colombia, Denmark, Germany and Taiwan have had on life in Blighty.

Devised by J Walter Thompson London, the 60-second spot positions the affable Ayoade as its Global Citizen, reeling off Britain’s love of Costa Rican coffee, Swedish flat pack furniture, Italian pizza and French bulldogs as (the very British) Nimrod by Elgar plays.

As he slots the Great British piece into a literal jigsaw of the world, Ayoade states: “We are not an island. We are part of something far, far bigger."

The end card reads: ‘Together we thrive’.