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Peoples of the Forest by J Walter Thompson Brazil

Date: Apr 2019
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Instituto Socioambiental (ISA) is celebrating its 25 years anniversary with the launch of the #PeoplesOfTheForest campaign to boost support for the indigenous, Quilombola, riparian and extractivist communities who are resisting attacks on their rights and the destruction of their lands.

The peoples of the forest have a message for the Brazilian government, politicians and the business community. To prospectors, loggers, squatters and other invaders of their lands: "we will continue to resist." This is one of the main messages of the #PeoplesOfTheForest campaign, ISA and its partners in the indigenous, Quilombola, riparian and extractivist communities have launched online, on TV and in cinemas.

The campaign is asking for people to support the fight to protect Brazil's environmental heritage and is advocating for the rights of indigenous tribes and traditional populations.

Young people, women, medicine men, chiefs and shamans. The protagonists for the #PeoplesOfTheForest campaign are 25 leaders from nine indigenous tribes in the Amazon, from Quilombola communities in Vale do Ribeira (SP) and from riparian communities in Terra do Meio, Pará. With their strength and beauty, the campaign honors the diversity of the people living in and protecting the forests, reminding us that it is the forests that regulate the climate, produce rain for farming and house the planet's largest biodiversity, a potential source of new medications and cures.

Produced in partnership with the J. Walter Thompson Brasil agency and Prodigo Films, a film production company, the #PeoplesOfTheForest marks the 25th anniversary of the ISA and serves as a response from the organization and its historical partners to the setbacks, dissolutions and constitutional violations of socio-environmental policies and of the guarantees of human rights that is ongoing in Brazil.


Client: Instituto Socioambiental

Title: “Povos da Floresta”

Agency: J. Walter Thompson Brasil

CEO: Ricardo John

ECD: Cassio Moron and Rodrigo Da Matta

Creative Director: Mariana Borga

Art Directors: Gabriella Marcatto, Caio Gandolfi, Marcelo Monzillo

Copywriters: Filipe Rosado and Diego Ferrite

Head of Client Services: Felipe Giacon

Account Management: Caio Sabag, Henrique Dal’Mas

Head of Media: Giovanna Venturelli

Media: Stella Lopes, Luca Lima, Juliana Magalhães, Larissa Isabelle and Renan Daniel

Head of Planning: Stella Pirani

Planning: Marcus Pesavento

Head of Production: Maísa Delgado

RTV Production: Carolina Florentino, Lincoln Braga

PR: Andrea Assef, Vivian Zeni, Lívia Martins

Production House: Prodigo Films

Director: Daniel Klajmic

Executive Producers: Francesco Civita, Chico Pedreira, Rita Costa

Executive Producer Assistant: Rafael de Paula

Production Coordination: Nathalie Gautier, Bruno Pirozzi

Coordination Team: Karla Fernandes, Fabiana Baptista, Nathalia Trindade, Lucas Pereira, Beatriz Soares

Director of Photography: Azul Serra

Post-Production Coordination: Tutu Mesquita, Priscilla Paduano

ISA Production

Executive Production: André Villas-Bôas, Jurandir Craveiro, Bruno Weis

Production Assistant: Gabriella Contoli

Post-Production Assistant: Everson Martins

Editing: André Dias, AMC

Post-Production: Prodigo Films

Finishing: Georges Sakamoto/ Prodigo Films

Color Grading: Ely Silva

DOT Cordination: Magali Wistefelt

Motion: Lucas Carvalho, Vinicius Kahan

Motion Intern: Ariedine Carvalho, Mariana Silva Assis

Composition: Paulo Chedid

Technical Center: Leandro Ferreira

Amazon Emotions: Vanessa Marino, Leonardo Principe, Geo Principe, Kinan Principe, Kena Principe

Sound Producer: Satélite

Direction: Kito Siqueira, Roberto Coelho

Sound Editing and Mixing: Celso Moretti, Ricardo Bertran, Luis Henrique de Oliveira, Adailton Matos

Musical Production: Mike Vlcek, Hurso Ambrifi, Daniel Iasbeck, Thiago Colli

Account Management: Juliana Costa, Renata Costa

Production Coordination: Ana Cordeiro, Mariana Tardelli

Production Assistant: Ian Sierra, João Piccoli