Agency: iris
Date: Sep 2019
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Pizza Hut Delivery has launched the second instalment of its Now That's Delivering' campaign that presents its discount menu as 'Too good to be true, but true.'

A return for its brand ambassador - Parker J Patterson - the campaign aims to convince its customers of the legitimacy of the discounts being offered as part of Pizza Hut's '£5 Favourites Menu.'

Adopting the children's classic saying 'liar liar pants on fire' Patterson takes part in ‘Pants of Truth’ game. Wearing '‘The liar liar pants on fire Pants of Truth,’ PIzza Hut Delivery's ambassador allows him to visually demonstrate the difference between a truth and a lie.

He opens with the statement "professional footballers are underpaid," upon which his trousers promptly burst into flames - a lie. He then says "Pizza Hut's £5 favourites menu offers everyone medium-size pizza and sides for just £5." His sequined 'liar liar' pants stay in one piece, no fire in sight - a truth.

The campaign was created by creative agency, Iris London. Back in February of last year, Pizza Hut UK appointed Dominos' former agency to oversee the creative and strategic account of its delivery business, which is thought to be worth around £10m.


Brand – Pizza Hut Delivery UK

· CMO – Beverley D’Cruz

· Marketing Manager – Alan O’Brien

· Brand Manager – Hayley Payne

Strategy & Creative Agency – Iris London

· Chief Creative Officer – Shaun McIlrath

· Creative Director – Matt Gray and Lou Bogue

· Creatives – Lou Bogue, Rupert Thornborough

· Planning Director – Raj Thambirajah

· Managing Partner – Ian Bradbury

· Group Account Director – Lucy Hyman

· Agency Producer – Adam Walker

· Agency Producer – Nadia Black

Media Agency – Navigate

Production Company – Agile

Director – Fatal Farm