Date: Aug 2017
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FiberCreme, a multipurpose creamer made from plant oils and enriched with fiber and a newcomer in the Indonesian creamer industry, is trying to sway people to make peace with delicious but unhealthy dishes (and beverages) that has been vilified for so long - with the message of “let’s be friends again”. Sparking an idea that something delicious, can be healthy too.

The spots are released in quick successions, about friendship, the struggles (and the drama, of course) that surrounds two characters who are no longer friends with the foods and drinks they used to love.


Creative agency: iris Jakarta, Indonesia

General Manager: Irvan Permana

Creative Director: Albert Chan

Copywriter: Adri Zainuddin, Ahmed Pasha, Andika Nugroho

Art director: Feby Elsadlora, Michael Louis, Willson Ariyaduta

Planner: Rahadian Fajar

Account Management: Roma Natalia, Ahmed Syakbani

Producer: Purwono

Production company: KOI Film

Director: Upie Guava

DOP: Ario Wirawan