Digital Mums: Isn’t it time you told your boss to do some f******* work?

Client: Digital Mums
Date: Sep 2017
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Flexible work campaigner Digital Mums is today launching the next stage of its #WorkThatWorks initiative, with ‘Clean Up The F Word’ – a national campaign aiming to change perceptions of flexible working in business.

Taking over OOH sites across the UK, the campaign on first glance seems to be censoring another well known ‘F word’ with questions such as ‘Is today the day you ask your boss to do some f******** work?’ and ‘Ever thought about f******* working?’. On closer inspection, it’s revealed that the topic in question isn’t quite what it seems, and is in fact, talking about flexible work.

A concept and campaign created by creative agency Iris as part of a pro-bono partnership with Digital Mums, ‘Clean Up The F Word’ aims to drive social awareness among both employees and employers about the benefits of flexible work – and encourage people to pledge their support by petitioning the government to change how ‘flexible working’ is officially defined.


Eli Vasiliou – Creative

Kat Cheeseman & Blanca Hong – Designer

Lolly Morris – Design Director

Tom Park – Art Director

Grant Hunter – Executive Creative Director

Amy Bryson – Managing Partner

Tasha Thirlby – Senior Account Manager

Sophie Lewis – Head of Planning

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