Agency: Iris
Client: Adidas
Date: Sep 2017
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We were briefed to build and nurture a community of advocates in Adidas’ key global markets, whilst also building credibility amongst football influencers of the future.

So we created ‘The Tango League’, an international, global football tournament that was won through a combination of football prowess and social clout - with the added incentive of an adidas boot deal.

We kicked off by sharing a star studded CTA film across Adidas’ social channels. Signups flooded in, and Tango League tournaments were hosted around the global using our global toolkit assets. A global leaderboard tallied up the points of players, gained through winning games, creativity on the pitch, and social presence. Players were flown to the global finale in London and given opportunities to create and share content, turning every touch point into an opportunity for our finalists to build their personal brands and their relationship with Adidas. A fully integrated global grass roots campaign - The Tango League has created a new generation of Adidas sponsored players, that are already driving sign ups for next year’s tournament, and beyond!


- Activated in 39 cities worldwide

- 40K sign ups

- 400K views of the video