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Atlassian: Open Stories by Instrument

Agency: Instrument
Client: Atlassian
Date: May 2019
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Atlassian is encouraging people to ‘work open’ in the software development company’s first-ever brand campaign. The brand’s ‘open’ concept comes to life in a trio of videos that showcase the power of openness in everyday interactions and relationships.

Atlassian is putting its name and open concept out for the first time, as the company looks to gain more name recognition beyond the enterprise software world.

Open is a narrative series featuring stories of people and teams who achieve their goals by embracing an open way of thinking, being and working. The stories are told in long-form blog posts and documentary-style shorts.

The three stories feature: entrepreneur Natalie Egan, a driven entrepreneur who finally learned to embrace her true self and come out as transgender to successfully lead a team and company; Sean Ahlquist, a professor of architecture who used his knowledge of textiles and, with good teamwork, created a technology with the potential to change the lives of kids living with autism; and Jon Ellsworth & Carlyn Dougherty, a Special Forces veteran and Columbia University student, who worked together to develop an app that allows soldiers and medics treating wounded soldiers to quickly and accurately record and exchange notes.

The videos can be difficult to watch at first, as we see the struggles the subjects went through before finding their respective purposes, but ultimately they show that, through teamwork and being open with themselves and their information, they were able to succeed in very human ways.


Agency: Instrument

Client: Atlassian

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