Agency: Innocean
Client: Sony
Date: May 2019
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Always creatively ambitious, Sony Bravia is once again employing the elements as a metaphor for the quality of its TV experience.

To promote the Bravia Oled - a TV with technology that produces sound from the screen itself - Sony and it's newly-appointed agency, Innocean have produced a breathtaking film that immerses its viewer in sound and vision.

The ad opens in a barren landscape with the sound of Grace VanderWall's 'Beautiful Things' reverberating throughout.

The camera then travels across the desert until we come across a clear screen with the image of a rock - upon which a drop of water emerges.

The drop turns into a stream which grows as the music strengthens in intensity. The stream then permeates through to the size of a river - all captured and resented across Sony's high definition screens.

The screens then emanate and multiply in size so that they represent a river flowing through the barren valley.

The emotive experience continues until the TV's collectively form a waterfall, and the onscreen text reads 'Be immersed in sound and vision.'