Date: Oct 2020
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The Festival of Animation Berlin annually presents the best of recent national and international animated films, focusing on artistic shorts across all styles of animation.

To advertise this year’s edition, happening on 9 -11 October 2020, the festival appointed Innocean Berlin as their creative agency.

The agency spread the concept in various directions, starting with a series of animations based on true Berlin stories, such as the woman who officially married the Berlin Wall, a pony riding the S-Bahn and, of course, the nudist chasing the wild boar. These films will be shown on the Berliner Fenster (media screens inside the Berlin underground trains) and online media.


Client: Festival of Animation Berlin

Title: In Berlin, only animation beats reality.

Lead Advertising Agency: Innocean Berlin

Chief Creative Officer: Gabriel Mattar

Executive Creative Director/Head Of Art: Bruno Oppido

Executive Creative Director: Ricardo Wolff

Art Director: Ana Conrado, Bruno Oppido

Copywriter: Giovanna Pereira, Nicolas Holz

Motion Designer: Carlos "Carlucho" Suárez

Strategist: Odile Breffa

Production: Allison Markert, Fabian Barz

Client Service Director: Jonathan Hill

Business Director: Björn Wilke

Account Manager: Sophia Hollis

Illustrator: Inga Ziemele, Egle Zvirblyte, Joe Taylor, Juan Molinet, Fabio Benê, Robin

Davey, Rik Nieuwdorp, Teco De Luccia, Anete Melece, Cyril Pedrosa, Ljubisa Djukic

Director/Editor (Späti Docs): Sven Schrader

Photographer (Späti Docs): Sven Schrader, Ricardo Wolff, Fernanda Viana Dias

Animator (Späti Docs): Veronica Solomon, Petra Stipetić, Maren Wiese

Animator (Berliner Fenster): Ljubisa Djukic (Dyrdee Media)

Audio Company: DaHouse

Composer: Wonder Bettin

Camera: Ümit Karatas (Nuborn Pictures)

FAB Artistic Director: Pia Djukic

FAB Public Relations: Lucia Deyi

FAB Festival Director: Daniel Demele

FAB Producer: Jen Cruz

FAB Marketing: Monira Kamal

FAB Expanded Animation: Lukas Thiele

FAB Corporate Design: Mario Gorniok