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Index Exchange: Programmatic Transparency

Date: Jan 2018
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Automated media trading is now the norm for all desktop advertising, and if forecasts are to be believed, it will soon take over the entire industry. However, this transition has not been without controversy, with ‘transparency’ one of the catch phrases concerning the sector in recent years.

In many cases, advertisers simply don’t know who to trust, and this has led the creative minds at family-owned Index Exchange to draft-in some of the younger members of their clan(s) to offer their take on the current state of transparency in the online marketing sector.

Coining new industry phrases such as “supply-path oximi-zation”, and then concluding ”pro-dammatic, I don’t know what that means”, the cast of sub-10 year olds helps deliver a playful take on the need for greater simplicity in how this sector articulates its operations. With a running time of 80 seconds, the online video closes with the message: “Our industry is complicated, The need or openness and transparency is greater than ever… democratize digital advertising.”