Date: Aug 2018
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Impossible Foods, creator of the plant-based Impossible Burger, has launched its first brand mission campaign to coincide with the release of its annual Sustainability Report.

The campaign centers around a film called The Return, which tells the story of an astronaut returning to Earth and roaming around with a fresh set of eyes, appreciating every small detail of the planet, much like the first astronauts on the Moon. We see the space-suited man roaming through a neighborhood, taking in the plant life growing from a crack in the asphalt. He is amazed by a praying mantis, the colors of a street stand selling fresh fruit juices, the beauty of a pigeon’s eyes and more everyday things humans may take for granted.

It ends with the line that the Impossible Foods’ mission is for Earth, not Mars, and reflects the company’s drive to fight for our planet by finding better, more sustainable food sources.

The film will be backed by experiential elements, like wandering astronauts in New York, who look to reintroduce people to the wonders of the world, along with a heavy social drive. The campaign is the first production of the Impossible Foods in-house creative department led by executive creative director Sasha Markova and creative director Giselle Guerrerro. It was directed by Nick Walker, a Nicki Minaj/FKA Twigs music promo director. The voice of the astronaut belongs to Fatlip from The Pharcyde.


Client: Impossible Foods

Executive Creative Director: Sasha Markova

Creative Director: Giselle Guerrerro

Film: The Return

Production Company: Object & Animal

Director Nick Walker

Editorial: Work Editorial

Color: Electric Theatre Collective

VFX / Finishing: Electric Theatre Collective

Music Supervision: The Teenage Diplomat

Sound Design & Mix: Lime Studios