For Goodness Shakes: Feel the Good by Impero

Agency: Impero
Date: May 2018
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Impero has relaunched British protein shakes brand, For Goodness Shakes, in a move to attract casual health consumers to the well-established brand. On the market for 15 years, For Goodness Shakes products were the first ready-to-drink protein shakes in the UK. Impero’s task was to reposition the brand’s products to be more appealing to a wider audience in a rapidly expanding category, as more people are turning to health and fitness products in their day-to-day lives.

When For Goodness Shakes first launched in 2003, they were purely aimed at sports enthusiasts, with the simple mission to make sports recovery drinks that actually taste good. But as the market grew, it became clear they needed to recruit a wider fitness-conscious consumer to the brand, rather than rely solely on those actively looking for performance products. To help achieve this goal and attract a new audience, Impero helped redesign their brand strategy, and define a new target consumer – The ‘Striver’ – attitudinal people around the country who get up, get out, and get active to take themselves to the next level.

On the appointment, Alex Brooks, Director at For Goodness Shakes said: “Supermarkets have been key to delivering brand growth, but the old product packaging risked getting lost in the rapidly expanding market, with too many facts and statistics segregating the more general consumer. We are excited for the relaunch, Impero have managed to truly identify our needs as a brand, designing an engaging campaign that easily helps consumers with health and fitness goals to identify and choose the right FGS products for them."

The campaign will run online, in-store, and touch PR events and activations, helping the health brand to expand its consumer base. For Goodness Shakes make a wide variety of protein products, including bars and hydro tabs, the newly designed product packaging will launch in all major supermarkets and specialist shops across the country from May 2018, in conjunction with the launch campaign.


Michael Scantlebury, creative director, Impero

Lara Groves, lead creative, Impero

Sarah Burrows, art director, Impero

Alex Kosterman, creative copywriter, Impero

Emily Savage, junior social creative, Impero

Adeline Chong, head of design, Impero

Andres Clerc, designer, Impero

Michelle Gasser, designer, Impero

Lise Dessons, designer, Impero

Daniel Deeks-Osburn, strategy director, Impero

Charlotte Willcocks, strategist, Impero

Mimi Kilpatrick, project manager, Impero

Esther Procee, account director, Impero

Paul Lewis, director of photography, Impero

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