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A-Z of Coronavirus for Kids by Ideas & That Ltd

Date: Apr 2020
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How do you help little minds understand why the world around them is a little bit weird right now?

There’s no way around it, the world is weird for them at the moment. They’re not going to school. To playgroups, clubs or soft plays. They’re not seeing friends and barely any family. Most of the world as they know it, simply isn’t there right now.

Our instinct is to shield our children from anything bad. That’s what we would normally do, but this isn’t a normal situation. As our children are going to hear new words and experience life differently, The A-Z of coronavirus is our solution to explaining things, simply and gently.

Ideas & That produced bespoke illustrations, an A2 poster (distributed for free to other parents) and colouring pages of each letter available to download via the Ideas and That website.


Amy Parkhill, Creative Director

Darryl Hartley, Illustrator

William Upfield, Director