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Blowfish: Toilethead' and 'Octohead by Humanaut

Agency: Humanaut
Client: Blowfish
Date: Mar 2017
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Tennessee agency Humanaut recently rolled out a new campaign, website and packaging for Blowfish, a hangover pill that claims that its "specific formulation of aspirin, caffeine and effervescence" is the perfect hangover remedy. In an online ad called 'Toilethead,' a woman who literally has a toilet on her head struggles to get through the workday because of her intense hangover. Another ad, dubbed 'Octohead,' features a hungover man who tries to get some work done even though he has an octopus wrapped around his head. Both ads end with the message: "Hangovers are the worst. That's why there's Blowfish. For when you feel like dying, but also have to do stuff."


Chief Creative Director: David Littlejohn

Chief Strategy Officer: Andrew Clark

Account Supervisor: Michelle Sturgis

Creative Directors in Residence: Liza Behles, Andy Pearson

Design Director: Stephanie Gelabert

Designer: Guillermo Casanova, Coleson Amon, Bethany Maxfield, Carrie Warren

Illustrator: Bethany Maxfield

Art Director: Greg Dalbey

Production Company: Humanaut Productions

Producer: Tommy Wilson

Animator: Min Liu, Bethany Maxfield

Media: Redwood

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