Agency: HOY
Client: Citroën
Date: Oct 2019
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In 2019, Citroën celebrates a century of life with a campaign specially developed by Hoy, in which print and design take center stage.

A story told in 100 illustrations that describe the progress of the world and how Citroën is part of this future ahead. Every year is one piece. And each illustration is accompanied by a reference text that tells the milestones of the year and the Citroën model in vogue at the time.

The 100 pieces that make the campaign were developed entirely by Hoy´s creative team. They all come alive (motion design) and can be viewed and downloaded from for desktop or smartphone.

In addition, the 100-year Citroën campaign had its space at the Autoclassical Exposition from October 11-14, where attendees were be able to print and take the print corresponding to the year of their birth. The campaign will culminate with the publication of a book in which the most important year of each decade will come to life through Augmented Reality, with an app also especially developed.


Title: 100 years making history

Client: Citröen

Agency: HOY

Product: Institucional/Aniversario

Managing Directors: Pedro Di Risio, Ernest Riba

Executive Creative Directors: Federico Plaza Montero, Nicolás Zarlenga

Account General Director: Lucila Castellani.

Head of Production: Emiliano Alvarenga

Creative Director: Juan Martín Muiño

Head of Art: Fernando Oltolina

Motion Designer: Matías Rossi

UX/UI Designer - Front End Developer: Pablo Fuentes.

Developer: Roberto Sánchez.

Creative Team: Laura Valle García, Bárbara Gedacht Juan Marzari, Cristian Tarzi, Gonzalo Paz.

Design Team: Alejo Becerra, Emilia Teperman, Emmanuel Trimigliozzi, Amapro Guindon, Octavio Arboiro, Stefanía Adam, Tomás Aguilar. Betsabé Tinoco, Daniel Herrera, Karen Cortés, Jaime Albañil, Wolf Diaz, Tommy Pachoba, Jaime Albañil, Jose Correa.

Account Directors: Belén de Bartolo, María Eugenia Garrafo, Andres Gori.

Webmaster: María Paz Badino.

Strategy Coordinator: Nicolás Cáceres

Strategist: Thomas Contramaestre.

Illustratio: Javier Reboursin

AR App: Mobillers

PR Video: Title: Target Practice - Artist: Riot - Music provided by RFM