Agency: In House
Date: Sep 2017
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British actor Dominic West has lent his voice to a provocative new film from Save the Children, highlighting the role of the UK Government in fuelling the devastating war in Yemen by approving arms sales to Saudi Arabia and other states fighting there.

The 60-second film, Made in Britain, is shot in the style of a glamourous high street advertising campaign, set to the rising score of Elgar’s Nimrod.

Smooth, beautifully lit shots of a racing green shape emerge in silhouette from the darkness.

Intricate details of a highly engineered metal shape then gradually come into view as Dominic West begins narrating the first few lines of a commanding, patriotic poem.

Sleek and fast, unstoppable machine.

Symbol of our engineering might.

Understated, painted racing green,

A micron-perfect casing milled in bright metal.

Export of our island kingdom,

Power, wrapped in burnished aluminium.


Writer/Director: Adam Robertson

Producer: Dominic Danielewicz

DOP: Oli Cohen

Editor: Juanan Eguiguren

Colour: The Mill, London