Client: Interflora
Date: Feb 2020
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Valentine's Day is all about expectations – expectations to get “things.” Most brands are pushing you to buy stuff – their chocolate, jewelry, teddy bears, you name it. Because that proves that you love your boo, right? Well, Interflora, Sweden’s oldest flower delivery brand, wants to flip the script, from buying things to showing what Valentine’s Day is really about – investing time with the ones you love.

This unique service reminds us of the importance of investing long-term in our relationships. The sender is given a chance to show his or her faith by sending a flower messenger with a future love letter – to be delivered in 2023.

With a flower delivery sent to the future, Interflora can inspire more people to show their faith in love for the long term, and not just buying heart chocolates on the way home from work, as an afterthought.

The service is launched together with an emotional film introducing the audience to the service, store activation, as well as digital content with concrete tips on how to make your relationships stronger, with a prominent Swedish relationship expert.