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HotelTonight is unveiling its new pet-centric creative, reprising the company's 'Visit, Don’t Stay' holiday digital campaign, encouraging people to book a hotel when they go home to visit family, as an escape from too much family togetherness over the holidays.

Last year’s weird uncles and cloying grandmas have been replaced with the obnoxious or unsavory pet you might encounter when you’re home for the holidays.

An image of a hairless sphinx reads: “Mom's new kitty wants to cuddle. Visit family. Stay with us,” while a King Charles Cavalier is accompanied by “Murphy likes to watch. Visit family. Stay with us.” Also, “Something’s up with Nana’s new ‘cat.’ Visit family. Stay with us.” reads another ad with a grinning fennec fox.

In addition to pet images, the campaign theme also includes cross-stitch images with text that is NSFCS (not safe for cross-stitch). The cross-stitch content has already begun to roll out on Twitter and Instagram.


HotelTonight, Internal Creative Team:

Jordan Braun - Creative Director

Janet Gardner - Head of Editorial

Jessica Lin - Designer

Odysseus Arms, Agency Team:

Jarrod Gustin - Art Director

Madeline Lambie - Copywriter

Photographer - Elizabeth Renstrom