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The Story of Dunder by Host/Havas

Agency: Host/Havas
Date: Nov 2019
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An Australian reindeer named Dunder – short for ‘Down Under’ – guides Santa through some trouble on Christmas Eve in Stockland’s 2019 holiday campaign.

As Santa travels to Australia, a notorious bin chicken collides with the sleigh, sending the array of gifts into the abyss. To save the day Dunder guides Santa to a Stockland centre to restock on presents.


Creative agency: Host/Havas

Executive Creative Director: Jon Austin

Creative Director: Matt Ennis

Senior Copywriter: Anthony Campagna

Senior Art Director: Jari Kennedy

Copywriter: Joe Ranallo

Art Director: Fernanda Gil-Pier and Manuel Rey

Design: Meng Zhang

Head of Account Management: Jo Thomasson

Account Director: Max Bennett

Senior Broadcast Producer: Stephanie Cameron

Chief Strategy Officer: Olly Taylor

Senior Planner: Alyce Cowan

Production: Mighty Nice

Director: Darren Price

2D Animation Director: Bonnie Forsyth

Art Director: Softly Dunstan

Head of Studio: Jeremy Howdin

Head of Production: Tina Braham

Producer: Samantha Daley

Junior Producer: Diana Angelius

Storyboards: Bonnie Forsyth

Character Designer: Marie Thorhauge, Jason Pamment

Environment Designers: Yori Narpati, Alexandre Belbari

Animators 2D: Bonnie Forsyth, Michael Chen, Jarrod Prince, Ella Rousseau, Audrey Villafana, Alea Trinajstic

Animation Lead 3D: Duncan MacLaren

Animator: Michael Chen

Modelling & Surfacing: Greg Petch, Will Brand, Tristan Lock, Trent Rogan, Andrew Kimberley, Billy Harrison, Akhil Mittal , Karen Etherington,

Rigging: Jason Dobra, Tessa Eden

Lighting: Trent Rogan, Mat McCosker, Billy Harrison

Composite: Chris Angelius, Tobias Frei, Fiona Lu, Mathieu Carlot

Print: Jamie Phillips, Leanne Lee

Music Production: Song Zu

Music: Haydn Walker

Sound Design: Abigail Sie

Media agency: Ikon Communication

Production agency: Wellcom Worldwide

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