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Katherine Schwarzenegger, activist/author, joins the SoCal Honda Dealers to supply a Random Act of Helpfulness to the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center to help overcome the difficulties ensued by the California Wildfires.

Secret Weapon Marketing worked alongside Horizon Media’s influencer marketing team to pair passionate influencers with real requests received from SoCal residents from the Help Me Honda request page. The spot was brought to life by Rodeo Show’s directing duo Mccoy | Meyer and Millennial Entertainment, and follows Katherine and the Helpful Honda Guys in Blue as they provide the animal shelter with an abundance of supplies for its animals that have found refuge after the mass displacement of people and animals caused by the devastating wildfires. The supplies help the rescue center utilize more of their finances for animal well being, as every dollar spent on supplies could got to animal healthcare.

This video is one of several videos that will be released throughout the year as part of SoCal Honda Dealers’ Random Act of Helpfulness initiative. Upcoming videos will provide assistance to a different cause and will feature variant public figures.


Client: SoCal Helpful Honda Dealers

Agency: Horizon Media

Agency: Secret Weapon

Directors: Mccoy | Meyer

Production: Millennial Entertainment

Producer: Aaron Johnson, Joe Martinez

Cinematographer: David Charry

Editor: Hayley Harrison

Colorist: Rick Wilson