Client: HMV
Date: Dec 2019
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In good spirit, HMV has taken the piss out of it's near-demise, with a funny Christmas spot featuring the oddball Scottish musician - Lewis Capaldi.

Established in 1927, the past couple of years have been a struggle for the entertainment shop, amid falling sales and administration blows.

With negative news in the press, HMV is aware that many people assume it has closed up shop.

Stripped back its festive approach, HMV has opted out of grand Christmas showstoppers, to just have Capaldi, against a blank background with only his dry wit for company. He doesn't even have a copy of his record.

"Oh it's the new Lewis Capaldi album. Ooh look at this,' he says, pretending to hold up a record. 'I wish we had one..."

After he humorously tries to promote his album saying "you can get it at HMV," the film continues rolling so the viewer sees an 'outtake' where Capaldi blurts out... "I thought they were bust?"

On the Christmas campaign, HMV's boss Doug Putman said: “We loved this. To be fair to Lewis, a lot of people seem to think we’d closed down so we thought we’d let people know."

While HMV has been a bit off the radar in recent years, Putman has

Putman bought 100 HMV stores in February 2019 and has since opened or re-opened a further 14 outlets including Europe’s biggest entertainment retail store, The HMV Vault in Birmingham.

He said if he had a pound for every time that someone told me that they thought HMV had gone out of business, I’d be a very rich man."