Date: Apr 2021
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Game of Thrones child star and internet entrepreneur, Maisie Williams has been named H&M's global sustainability ambassador, as the clothes store pledges that by 2030, all of its materials will be either recycled or sourced more sustainably.

To help meet that target, Williams is joining H&M throughout the year to drive change in fashion, in the virtual world and in real life. Together they will highlight and encourage the reuse, remaking and recycling of unwanted garments in a united effort to close the loop in fashion.

There will be several initiatives throughout 2021, based around circularity, including the introduction of Williams' digital twin, called Avatar Maisie. The lifelike avatar was created by 3D animators at Goodbye Kansas Studio.

As they announce the news, Williams and H&M have teamed up with Animal Cross. 'H&M Loop Island' will appear on the game, for players to explore and recycle their game outfits, receiving new versions in return.

Designed with a sustainable theme, the island is Animal Crossing's first clothing recycling station. A version of Williams and Pascal Brun, global sustainability manager at H&M will appear on the game.