Client: Ad Council
Date: Aug 2017
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The American Lung Association and the Ad Council are hoping that more people are ‘Saved By The Scan’ in a new campaign on World Lung Cancer Day (Aug. 1).

To raise public awareness of lung cancer, which is the leading cancer killer of men and women, the American Lung Association’s Lung Force initiative – a national movement to defeat lung cancer – has partnered with the Ad Council to launch the first national public service campaign to educate Americans about a groundbreaking lung cancer screening for those at high risk.

In the 30-second spot, a woman, Eva Marie, is seen scaling a mountain. As the shot closes in, the mountain appears to be made of smoldering cigarettes. A voice over says that the woman smoked 12,000 packs of cigarettes, but she quit and now is getting screened for lung cancer, which could save her life. It’s tagged with “you stopped smoking, now start screening.”


Agency: Hill Holliday for the Ad Council

Client: American Lung Association