Agency: Heineken
Client: Heineken
Date: May 2022
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Dutch brewer Heineken has unveiled its plans to tackle gender discrimination within football in a series of ads and a brand-new website.

According to the beer makers, two-thirds of women in football have experienced gender discrimination. Heineken is on a mission to evolve its sponsorships within the sport to address the uneven playing field when it comes to gender by highlighting some of the ways that women are unfairly treated.

In the first spot, titled ‘The Greatest Goal,’ viewers see French striker Thierry Henry watching highlights of the beautiful game from his sofa, as the commentators begin bigging up the Arsenal player who led the club to victory 15 years ago. Smiling to himself, Henry looks over at his trophy and viewers assume it is him the pundits are speaking about. In a twist, the film reveals that it’s actually Arsenal right-back Alex Scott that they have been celebrating this whole time.