Agency: Heimat
Client: Coca-Cola
Date: Mar 2019
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For almost 100 years, the Polar bear has been the face of many iconic Coca-Cola winter campaigns worldwide. But the Polar bears have always been shown in the company of each other. This observation has served as an opportunity to send a powerful message about diversity.

For the first time in the brands history the iconic Coca-Cola Polar bear is joined by bears from other continents: a black bear, a brown bear and a panda bear. We celebrate diversity and unity in a charming way by showing them together sharing a Coca-Cola, a product available in all parts of the world.

In January 2019 the unusual motif was presented in an eye-catching out-of-home in Germany. Special placements such as digital poster galleries at a train station in Berlin were implemented to reach the audience in highly frequented locations and to spread the strong message where all sorts of people come together.

We may look different. But there is more that unites us than divides us.


Agency: Heimat Berlin

Client: Coca-Cola Germany