Agency: Heehaw
Date: Jun 2016
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The animation explains to the viewer how the different centres, with their in-depth knowledge of innovation, can take an idea or work process to the next level and how their network can help connect with academics, funders and other businesses. The development of the animation was a true collaborative project with all eight centres having a key input into the development of the film. An engaging voiceover and a unique sound design helped add to the production values and show off the animation and illustrations.


Creative Director: Robbie Dickson

Producer: Mally Graveson

Director: Robbie Dickson

Animator: Robbie Dickson

Scriptwriter: Lesley Dougal

Voiceover Artist: Kitty Colquhoun

Illustrator: Marta Croce

Sound Design: Patrick Collins

Production Assitant: Penny Cobham

Additional Credits: Drew Gibson, Lynda Nicolson, Toby Trueman, Michal Welsh