Agency: Havas
Date: Feb 2022
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Warner Bros have sent out 100 Batmobiles across Singapore to promote the upcoming “The Batman” movie.

The campaign, created by Havas and Moove Media, uses Moove Media’s taxi advertising format, which allows for a wider viewing angle from eye level to aerially using roof-top stickers.

“There is no better way to bring Gotham City to life than featuring Batman's iconic Batmobile!” said Ng Peng Hui, the managing director of Warner Bros.

“Through our collaboration with Moove Media and Havas Media, we are excited to see our very own rendition of the Batmobile prowling the streets and giving our city’s residents an immersive sense of joy as they board and alight from one.”

Jayne Kwek, chief executive officer of Moove Media, added that Warner Bros is the first to maximise taxi media to create an all-round visibility of the ad on its taxia.

“This delivers a unique eye- catching moment for the public who look out the window at the bustling street; much akin to catching the Bat-signal from anywhere in the city. There is a lot of room for creativity when we look for it!" she said.