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Barnes & Noble: Book Your Summer by Havas

Agency: Havas
Date: Jun 2019
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The summer reading list looks to get a whole lot longer with a campaign by Barnes & Noble, touting the worlds that open up when families unplug with a book or seven.

The ‘Book Your Summer’ campaign, created with Havas, looks to bring families together in an increasingly busy and connected world, stating that summer is the perfect time to unplug and relax with a new book on any vacation or staycation. Books have the power to transport readers to other worlds and places, and the bookseller thinks those mental vacations are just as worthy as physical ones.

In a series of spots, Barnes & Noble shoppers get help from the store’s booksellers, helping them find the latest fantasy, the perfect books to keep the kids quiet and entertained, and how a good batch of books can be just the thing to keep everybody happy all summer long.

The campaign touts not only the store's big selection of books, but also its role as a place that satisfies readers craving human interaction and expertise, because unlike a faceless shopping algorithm, Barnes & Noble promotes its booksellers as sharing the same passions its customers do.


Agency: Havas

Client: Barnes & Noble

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