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The Athletic: Euros 2020 by Harbour

Agency: Harbour
Date: Jun 2021
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The Athletic is well-known for its football journalism, of which it harbours a deep knowledge with tactical analysis and insight. And it’s this match-winning information that is being used to help give players and teams the edge in Euros 2020. And so The Athletic engaged Harbour to get insight into the hands of teams across the tournament.

Through a series of activations, including social, digital media and racing pigeons, match-specific tactical tips and information is being deployed where teams can’t miss it.

It all started with the England vs Romania friendly on June 6, when The Athletic flew a plane banner over the stadium communicating key tactics for England. The campaign continues throughout the tournament, supporting all teams by delivering game specific tactics at match relevant moments.

Upcoming activity includes a plane flying over the Scotland team training ahead of their game against England, messages delivered to French and German fans in their native tongues. And The Athletic driving 40ft and 18ft trucks carrying messaging on the team coach routes.

There will also be murals in key locations, digivans, digibikes, social posts, street teams handing out ‘tactics bearing’ swag, DOOH, across Wales, Scotland and England and a small army of pigeon fanciers releasing birds carrying key tactical match winning insights.

The Athletic is also encouraging fans to amplify their insights as the twelfth man or woman, as they support their clubs throughout the tournament.

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