Date: Nov 2019
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Fun sock brand Happy Socks has enlisted Macauly Culkin for its irreverent Christmas ad.

The former child star is already linked to the holidays through his role as Kevin in the Home Alone franschise films, The Swedish lifestyle brand put the actor in a series of silly ‘Naughty or Nice’ poses, including a few with a ribbon-wrapped iguana.

The spot begins with a close-up of the big lizard and Culkin’s hands, which feature painted nails and a few rings. It then pans out to show him sitting on a chair, wearing an ugly sweater, tweed pants, tassel loafers and a pair of red snowman socks. He poses, makes faces and finally speaks, saying “Every day is a holiday, except for, you know, the holidays.”

He then poses with a Jello mold of Happy Socks, then states “I’m getting too old for this shit,” before the spot states “Happy Holidays” and finishes its merriment.