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Habito: Demon Cleansing Ritual

Client: Habito
Date: Oct 2020
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Habito has introduced the 'Demon Cleansing Ritual' kit for any Brits spooked by the possibility that they aren’t the only presence in their home.

The concept was created by recent graduate David Shorrock, after he pitched via You Can Now’s network of universities, colleges and art and design schools, as part of Habito’s Halloween challenge.

The brief asked graduates to come up with a creative concept that would be bold, clever and bring Habito’s mission (to save people from mortgage hell) to life.

Inspired by research that showed that 55% of people in the UK would be put off buying a property if they thought it was haunted, Shorrock created Habito’s eight-step home exorcism ritual to banish any ghouls back to the other side this Halloween.