Agency: Gut Agency
Date: Mar 2020
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To help raise awareness about the care to avoid the infection and spread of the coronavirus, Gut and Mercado Libre designed an alternative logo, in which the shaking hands are replaced by an elbow bump. Since last Friday, the brand changed the logo at all its points of contact from the e-commerce platform to LinkedIn, for as long as necessary.

“Mercado Libre is a brand that reaches many people, that is why we are committed to helping our users and collaborators with different prevention, solidarity and responsible consumption initiatives. Changing our iconic logo from a handshake to an elbow bump is part of these new habits that we try to promote because we are convinced that together we can help collaborate with this problem," summarized Louise McKerrow, branding director of Mercado Libre.

“We are all committed to this process and from the creative point of view, there is much that can be done. A strong and clear image is what is needed to make the world aware of the importance of individual actions to ensure the common good,” said Ramiro Gamallo and Matias Lafalla, executive creative directors at Gut.



Mercado Libre