Date: Jul 2018
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A huge first-of-its-kind installation has been unveiled in Potters Field, London marking the UK launch of the all-new Ford Focus. The installation’s interactive letters, spelling F-O-C-U-S, use artificial intelligence to interact with visitors and passers-by to discover and highlight their interests or passions. Once determined, these passions are displayed across 540 LED video tiles embedded in the six-metre-high, 30m long structure, alongside a video edit of the experience uploaded to Facebook to share.

It took approximately 200 hours to train the AI programme to ‘understand’ and respond to users, and it is able to converse in four languages, with London the second stop on a five-leg European City tour. Standing at six metres high, the 20-tonne structure took more than 6,000 hours to fabricate.

The installation is open to the public until 8 July, supported by a range of new Focus vehicles, allowing people to explore the technology on offer in the new Ford Focus.