Client: FORD
Date: Sep 2017
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Putting a new spin on a long-running and successful campaign presents unique challenges, including maintaining tone and creative continuity while bringing a fresh perspective. To help with the launch of the even tougher, smarter and more capable new 2018 Ford F-150, Big Block director Paul Trillo offers an updated spin on a campaign a decade in the running.

Trillo maintained the tone and voice of the original campaign while adding a distinct technical style and kinetic energy that resulted in a new level of excitement. Dynamic camera movement and quick editing brought new vitality to the time-tested Built Ford Tough concept.

Technically challenging camera moves guide the audience through distinct moments transitioning seamlessly through a variety of innovative techniques. While previous spots relied largely on motion-graphics, Trillo’s approach achieved a more authentic feel with custom camera rigs on real locations.


Agency: GTB

Production content studio: Big Block

Director: Paul Trillo

Managing director: Kenny Solomon

Chief content & innovation officer: Tom Flanagan

Executive producer/live action: Geno Imbriale

Line producer: Kelly Christiansen

Director of photography: Daniel Mindel

Production designer: Justin Trask

Post production: Big Block

Creative director: Curtis Doss

VFX supervisor: John Cherniack

Chief technology officer: Albert Soto

Executive producer/account director: Rhys Demery

Head of production: Kay Rough

Post supervisor: Tiffany Dickerson

Editors: James Boger, Fred Fouquet, Greg Young,

Editorial assistant: Ellen Feldman

Computer graphic artists: Rob Glazer, Tim Kadowaki, Jensen Abler

Design: Shyama Golden

2D animation & design: Aaron Evans

Lead nuke: Michael Dobbs

Nuke artists: Katerina Arroyo, Krystal Chinn, Erik Berlin

Tracker: Joseph Chiechi

Previz: Dan Bollwerk, Chris Bowers, Ira Shahin, Richard DeForno

Lead flame: Rod Basham

Flame artists: Tim Miller, Rob Ufer

Colorist: Brandon Chavez