Agency: GSD&M
Date: Mar 2019
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As a fighter plane zooms through the sky, a woman’s voice says: “Every superhero has an origin story.” That’s the inspiring, high-flying start of the US Air Force’s latest recruitment campaign, one that aims high to get more women into its ranks.

Leveraging International Women’s Day (March 8) and an upcoming, globally-known superhero film featuring a female pilot as the titular heroine which releases on the same day (Captain Marvel), the US Air Force is releasing the new film and campaign in partnership with GSD&M, the military branch’s 18-year agency of record.

‘Origin Story’ showcases the inspiring and powerful female pilots that make up the US Air Force. It proudly emphasizes the “women power” that exists within the Air Force – because as it does in the upcoming Marvel movie, the Air Force states that it can turn anyone into a hero. The voice over states: “We all got our start somewhere, for us it was the US Air Force.” It wraps up with a caption asking “What will your origin story be?” and ends with the familiar tagline “Aim High.”



Agency: GSD&M

Chief Creative Officer: Jay Russell

Group Creative Directors: Jeff Maki

Creative Director: Christopher Colton

Art Director: John Wood

Writer: Sydney Langway, Lauren Doerr, Nicholas Pessara

Director of Production/SVP: Jack Epsteen

Head of Content Production/VP: Laura Busino

Senior Producers: Peter Atherton, Tommy White

Digital Producer: Jackie Purdy-Andrews

Account Service: Bo Bradbury, Norah Rudyk, Olivia Williams

Strategy: Elizabeth Thompson

Social Media: Neven Simpson, Jennifer Siegel, Charlie Joslin

Business Affairs Manager: Lara Drew

Project Manager: Lisa Valencia


Production Company: BLK MKT Studios,

Director: Dan Brown

AFRS Director: TSgt Michael Cowley

Editor: Jason Blair

Photographer: TSgt Chris Griffin

MUSIC: Killer Tracks


Agency: Media Monks

Creative Team: Jeff Maki, John Wood, Lauren Doerr

Producer: Ryan Micklos, Amanda Traversi

Account Team: Ryan Worthington, Olivia Williams